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Community manager and social media lessons from PAX Prime 2010

As a content creator/consultant who works in social media and is trying to get back into gaming community work, I attended two panels at Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) Prime 2010 with great interest. The lessons shared from these panels transcend the gaming industry, which is leading the charge in both of these spaces – but other … Read more

The strange appeal of Flipboard, a social media ‘magazine’ for iPad

The buzz surrounding Flipboard for iPad hit suddenly. One minute I’d never heard of it and then the next my Twitter timeline was drowning in posts about it. I downloaded it just in time… to be blocked by everyone else trying to get in! The next day, Flipboard’s creators announced an invite system where you’d be queue’d … Read more

Plaxo tapped Facebook to help me get linked in and invaded my personal space in the process

The number of social networking sites has exploded in the past few years, with truly social outlets such as Facebook learning to share MySpace with people who want to get LinkedIn on Plaxo. I constantly get invites from former colleagues, family and friends to join them online at one network or another. The latest social … Read more

A modest proposal for social media: Cross the streams!

I’ve given this a lot of thought, and the problem with social media isn’t all of the noise. Sure, there are a lot of things that you could care less about passing through your Facebook wall and Twitter timeline – but one person’s noise is another’s signal, right? I actually enjoy picking up bonuses in … Read more

Social media and travel: How to protect your privacy

When you post details of your day-to-date life on social networking services such as Twitter and Facebook, you run the risk of exposing too much information. For instance, sharing your travel plans could provide a thief with the ideal timing to break into your home and clean you out. By default, Twitter posts are viewable … Read more

Social Media Trend Watch: Facebook and Twitter go to the gamers

Normally I wouldn’t post gaming news to this site (that’s what is for) but the news flash that Facebook and Twitter are going to launch on Xbox 360 consoles this fall should interest everyone who works in social media and community. The game is about to change (again). It’s one thing to tweet and … Read more

Where TweetDeck falls short and how to fix it

I recently downloaded TweetDeck, overcoming my aversion to installing Adobe Air (I think it’s because I expected it would force a reboot; it didn’t!). Based on all of the tweetbuzz, I frankly expected more – though I do quite like it and have made it my preferred desktop Twitter tool. By default, at least at … Read more

Why I let go of RSS and embraced social media

I recently had a Twitter conversation with a former colleague whom I follow on both Twitter and Facebook. I mentioned that I had traded RSS for social media and hadn’t looked back. Despite being more active than me on both of these services, she was surprised – but thought that it made sense since all of the good links and … Read more

Beware of Mikeyy, the Twitter worm

If you use Twitter, be careful clicking any links or viewing profiles directly from your Web browser. There’s a Twitter worm on the loose: Keep safe from Mikeyy, the Twitter worm ( “[E]xperts advise Twitter users not to click on any links from messages containing the words ‘Mikeyy’ or ‘Stalkdaily.’ It is recommended you use third-party … Read more