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The value of good production hand-offs

One of the services I provide is marketing support, which is a fancy way of saying that I help marketing with whatever they need. Much of my work revolves around e-newsletters: tweaking copy provided by a vendor, managing reviews, handing off copy documents to production and even setting up and triggering final sends to millions of … Read more

Where TweetDeck falls short and how to fix it

I recently downloaded TweetDeck, overcoming my aversion to installing Adobe Air (I think it’s because I expected it would force a reboot; it didn’t!). Based on all of the tweetbuzz, I frankly expected more – though I do quite like it and have made it my preferred desktop Twitter tool. By default, at least at … Read more

Case in Point: When marketers underestimate their audience

One of my deepest passions is gaming, and I have a particular love for casual games since they are great pick-up-and-play options for busy gamers like myself. I developed and maintain to help other likeminded gamers find resources to keep up with gaming news and to advocate on their behalf. So when I find a code … Read more

Work Samples – Community newsletters

One of the services I provide (also a passion!) is planning and writing e-mail newsletters. My early career was in  journalism, but in the mid-’90s I fell in love with the Internet and this necessitated a jump to a technology publisher where I was one third of the gopher/Web team. (Jacqui was another third, but that’s another … Read more

Why I let go of RSS and embraced social media

I recently had a Twitter conversation with a former colleague whom I follow on both Twitter and Facebook. I mentioned that I had traded RSS for social media and hadn’t looked back. Despite being more active than me on both of these services, she was surprised – but thought that it made sense since all of the good links and … Read more

Work Sample: Rotary International profile for Gates Foundation

We’ve recently taken on some copywriting work for The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, creating profiles of their major grantees for their Web site. It seems that even 15+ years in to this World Wide Web thing, not everyone gets how to write for the Web. So we get called in to craft tight, focused content. … Read more

Beware of Mikeyy, the Twitter worm

If you use Twitter, be careful clicking any links or viewing profiles directly from your Web browser. There’s a Twitter worm on the loose: Keep safe from Mikeyy, the Twitter worm ( “[E]xperts advise Twitter users not to click on any links from messages containing the words ‘Mikeyy’ or ‘Stalkdaily.’ It is recommended you use third-party … Read more

Musings on WordPress (and how far we bloggers have come)

When I first started blogging regularly in 2003, Radio Userland was one of the most popular solutions. This tool ran as an application on your local PC and had to transmit your posts from a locally stored database on your computer to wherever your Web site was hosted, translating it into HTML on the fly. Most of the … Read more

Introducing The Writer’s Bloc

Welcome to our Seattle-based consulting company home page. But we’re more than just consultants. We’re scribes, community experts, project managers and social networking afficionados. We want to share back some of the ideas we develop in the course of our daily work. So we have relaunched this site as a blog where we can tell you some … Read more