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Plaxo tapped Facebook to help me get linked in and invaded my personal space in the process

The number of social networking sites has exploded in the past few years, with truly social outlets such as Facebook learning to share MySpace with people who want to get LinkedIn on Plaxo. I constantly get invites from former colleagues, family and friends to join them online at one network or another. The latest social […]

The case for iPad as a business portable

We picked up an iPad for our social media, Web consulting and copywriting business based largely on positive feedback from many people we trust on Twitter and our own great experiences using iPhones for the past two years. It’s a remarkable device, but expensive for what you get and very limited for many usage scenarios. […]

Forget Toastmasters, improve public speaking through podcasting!

We recently launched a podcast for our gaming blog, and it’s made a real difference in my public speaking. I joined Toastmasters years ago, and while it’s a great tool for some and definitely wins out in the social department, it never cured me of my ums and ahs. But after three weeks of podcasting, […]

My Windows 7 upgrade experience

For the types of projects I do, I generally need to keep up with the latest technology. That, and the fact that I’m the early adopter type, led me to pick up Windows 7 Ultimate last week. I have three licenses, but initially installed it only on my secondary laptop – a two-year-old Alienware machine […]

Three things I hope Windows 7 solves (but probably won’t)

For me, Windows Vista has been pretty solid. Apart from a few early hiccups, most of which were actually issues with laptop hardware, I’ve been pretty happy with it. I haven’t looked into the particulars of Windows 7 yet (being pretty busy in the here and now) but I’ve heard that it is miles better. […]

Know the code: 5 quick tips to clean up your HTML (or why WYSIWYG tools are bad!)

Though I’m a writer/editor/consultant by trade, I’ve been coding HTML since I launched my first site in the mid-’90s. Back then, you had to know the code, which was constantly evolving. I still remember how cool it was when Netscape added background images (I think it was v0.91b). Nowadays, most people use tools that take […]

The ins and outs of Outlook profiles

I use Outlook 2007 as my primary mail client, and for what I do it’s a good choice. I use it to manage mail from two different Exchange servers, plus Hotmail, Gmail and six different POP mail accounts. These accounts are, by necessity, divided into two profiles since you can only have one Exchange mail […]