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Work Samples: Guide to Gaming with Kids and Hilarious Gifts

It’s been a long time since I’ve written an article with a byline (November 2009, in fact!), but I was hit up by MSN Lifestyle  to contribute two pieces this holiday: The Guide to Gaming With Your Kids is designed to help grown-ups who are not gamers learn enough to get started and bond with their […]

Do these people look like they want to help you? A customer support big phish story

You probably get loads of spam. And you probably have noticed that some of those mails try to trick you (phish) personal details, such as credit card numbers and personally identifiable details that could be used to scam you. And these phishers are getting smarter. Once happy to prey only on newbies and the truly […]

The case for iPad as a business portable

We picked up an iPad for our social media, Web consulting and copywriting business based largely on positive feedback from many people we trust on Twitter and our own great experiences using iPhones for the past two years. It’s a remarkable device, but expensive for what you get and very limited for many usage scenarios. […]

Unblock your brain: How fun, games and nursery rhymes can help you at work

Anyone who has to put words to paper for a living encounters the dreaded blinking cursor eventually. The one that keeps blinking because you can’t think of anything to type. Well, besides your name and possibly the date. And no, that won’t get you 200 points on the SAT, despite what the kid next to […]

Social Media Trend Watch: Facebook and Twitter go to the gamers

Normally I wouldn’t post gaming news to this site (that’s what is for) but the news flash that Facebook and Twitter are going to launch on Xbox 360 consoles this fall should interest everyone who works in social media and community. The game is about to change (again). It’s one thing to tweet and […]

Case in Point: When marketers underestimate their audience

One of my deepest passions is gaming, and I have a particular love for casual games since they are great pick-up-and-play options for busy gamers like myself. I developed and maintain to help other likeminded gamers find resources to keep up with gaming news and to advocate on their behalf. So when I find a code […]