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Planning a Client Visit, Part 3: Final Prep

You’ve refined your story, prepped your team and picked up a roll of quarters just in case parking is a problem. Now, it’s time to round up the team and head out! Here are some tips for the 24 hours preceding your visit: 1. Remind your team the day before. Send an e-mail to the … Read more

Planning a Client Visit, Part 2: Prepping Your Team

You’ve done due diligence to get to know your client. Now it’s time to help your team prepare. While technology tools are helpful in keeping everyone on track, don’t assume people pay as much attention to them as you do. To help keep your team on track: 1. Set specific deadlines for each person. If … Read more

The ins and outs of Outlook profiles

I use Outlook 2007 as my primary mail client, and for what I do it’s a good choice. I use it to manage mail from two different Exchange servers, plus Hotmail, Gmail and six different POP mail accounts. These accounts are, by necessity, divided into two profiles since you can only have one Exchange mail … Read more

Planning a Client Visit, Part 1: Better Know Your Client

Your team relies on you to be the travel agent, correspondent and reminder service all in one. You can help your team help you by doing some pre-meeting homework and ensuring everyone does THEIR homework as well. Here are some tips to help ensure a successful client visit before you enter the lobby. First impressions … Read more

Are you using 301 redirects?

One thing about being on the Internet for so many years is that you frequently have to teach yourself new tricks. One of my first clients still brings me back in to consult on occasion, and recently asked for guidance on redirects. (They use redirects in a lot of deep and exciting ways as their site spans … Read more