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How I finally got an iPhone 3G S – and the joys of migration!

You’d think it would be easy to buy a $500 iPhone upgrade, but the combined efforts of AT&T and Apple made this exceedingly painful. Let me briefly share my experience should you choose to follow in my footsteps. I’ll also offer a few pointers for transferring the contents of your prior iPhone to a new one and enjoying … Read more

iPhone 3.0 is here (if you can get it)

The new iPhone 3.0 firmware is out, and it’s free for iPhone users ($10 if you use an iPod Touch). With some 40 million people hitting the Apple servers nearly all at once, getting it may take awhile. I made the mistake of putting off an iTunes update last week, and it was required for this iPhone update. … Read more

TweetDeck gets all iPhone-y (and adds multiple accounts!)

Back in April, I deconstructed what I thought was wrong with TweetDeck. Now I only do this sort of exercise with products I think show real potential. I did the same on for the Nintendo Wii user interface and twice for the Xbox 360 (but never got around to the PS3). I critique because I … Read more

Unblock your brain: How fun, games and nursery rhymes can help you at work

Anyone who has to put words to paper for a living encounters the dreaded blinking cursor eventually. The one that keeps blinking because you can’t think of anything to type. Well, besides your name and possibly the date. And no, that won’t get you 200 points on the SAT, despite what the kid next to … Read more

WordPress Plug-in Watch: iPhone theme, sharing, auto-Twitter and not-so-Simple Tags

After years grappling with Movable Type for our gaming site blog, I’ve recently come to really embrace WordPress’s simplicity and extensibility. One of the things that makes it so great these days is the ease with which you can add and update plug-ins used to improve the features of your blog. In most cases, you … Read more

Social Media Trend Watch: Facebook and Twitter go to the gamers

Normally I wouldn’t post gaming news to this site (that’s what is for) but the news flash that Facebook and Twitter are going to launch on Xbox 360 consoles this fall should interest everyone who works in social media and community. The game is about to change (again). It’s one thing to tweet and … Read more

Not-So-Stupid Marketing Tricks: Bruno vs. Eminem

How do you solve a problem like the “Bruno” movie? You let life imitate art. Sacha Baron Cohen pulled off one of the year’s great publicity stunts Sunday at the MTV Movie Awards, in the clip viewed round the world. Susan Boyle who? Between Sunday night and Monday, it was all about the backless chaps … Read more