Work Sample: Tales from the road- Women share their motorcycle adventures whole hog

Although the bulk of my work today is in marketing, I do occasionally venture back to my journalism roots. I recently wrote a piece for MSN about two motorcycle enthusiasts who happen to be female. The piece was just one small part of a larger content package focused on “A whole new you.” The content package contained the usual borderline stereotype material – get a makeover, change your wardrobe, etc. – none of which is in my wheelhouse. (Well, possibly the wardrobe – I do have a background in clothing.) I was even less qualified to talk about motorcycles.

I’ve been on a motorcycle a grand total of once in my life. I was 7 years old and living with relatives, including three uncles who were all Harley men. For some reason, one of them decided I needed to feel the power for myself. (I might have asked, I honestly don’t remember.) The daredevil of the group slapped his extremely oversized helmet on my head, suggested I put on shoes, and lifted me onto his hog. We circled the neighborhood a few times, popped a wheelie and then returned home, where I”m I promptly passed out on the lawn. That was the beginning and the end of my motorcycle adventure.

Fortunately, I found two women who were much more qualified to share what the view is really like from a bike: Kathy Gill and Tessa D’Uccelli Blu. Both women had astounding, emotional stories to tell. When it came time to write, I encountered a problem I haven’t had in a fairly long time – I had a difficult time cutting down the material. I would have loved to included every detail, every side journey, every tale these ladies told me, but I just didn’t have the space. It’s a good problem to have as a writer. It is also a difficult one.

What you will read online is a snapshot of each woman’s journey. I hope you enjoy the ride.

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