Market segmentation: Lessons learned from the gaming industry at PAX Prime 2011

Our consulting business shifts from time to time. Sometimes we’re heavy on content creation, other times community building, and – right now – we’re focused on marketing support in the videogame industry. This means spending a lot of time considering different market segments and how to effectively reach them with a message that customers want so they’ll gladly take the action that our client wants them to take.

Not one to miss an opportunity to improve the depth of understanding in a major area of our work, I attended the session at PAX Prime 2011 on market segmentation. I learned some things, including how the industry is beginning to embrace psychographics (what motivates segments of customers to take the actions they pursue rather than who they are) and how it’s OK sometimes to shoot from the hip if you know your audience really well.


Pete Hines, Bethesda Softworks
Ed Davis, AKQA
Paul Caparotta, GameSpot

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