Beware of Mikeyy, the Twitter worm

If you use Twitter, be careful clicking any links or viewing profiles directly from your Web browser. There’s a Twitter worm on the loose:

Keep safe from Mikeyy, the Twitter worm (

“[E]xperts advise Twitter users not to click on any links from messages containing the words ‘Mikeyy’ or ‘Stalkdaily.’ It is recommended you use third-party Twitter desktop clients like Twhirl or TweetDeck (both PC and Mac) and that you do not use the Web-based version of Twitter, especially for viewing user profiles (as this is where the attack seems to originate).”

I coincidentally just installed TweetDeck today and read about this issue from a friend’s Facebook post right after connecting. I had already turned off the feature that displayed Twitter profiles directly in TweetDeck to save on API calls since I also access Twitter via my iPhone and didn’t want to go over my allotment. But for now I’m switching it back.

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